Introducing The Guardian, A Unique and Dynamic Communication Tool

A lot of people ask us about the Guardian and how the idea came to us. Our CEO, Mike Dahl, and his wife, a JCPS teacher, were watching coverage of the horrific Parkland shooting, and knew they wanted to find a way to help. Simultaneously, a concerned citizen and grandmother had reached out to us via social media suggesting we investigate incorporating technology more efficiently into the school system to create a safer environment. This got our wheels turning and our overall focus shifted toward creating the Guardian system.

The Guardian is a unique and dynamic communication tool used to instantly alert school staff and law enforcement through a dedicated device and 9-1-1 dispatch integration. The system is comprised of a rugged and specialized device that is distributed to teachers, and a rugged tablet for school administrators. Teachers can activate the Guardian device in response to an emergency situation such as an active shooter, suspicious person, medical emergency or fire, discreetly alerting all active Guardian users within the school system. In an event of an active aggressor, the Guardian user activates the SOS button, instantly providing 9-1-1 dispatch the precise location and details of the event. For other emergencies like medical, fire, and suspicious person, school faculty and resource officers are instantly notified to respond to the situation to determine if additional action is required. School administrators have access to the control panel on their tablet to view status of the teachers and students. They may also verify that all have safely checked in and conduct an immediate student and faculty headcount. Once all faculty and student body are accounted for, the administrator can dismiss the active alert. 

Due to the recent tragedies in schools, we knew there was a need to be met. It has been an honor to point our professional focus in this direction and create a system that actively aides in making schools a safer environment. Our hope at Mobile Initiative is to bring the Guardian systems not only to schools in our own backyard of Kentuckiana, but to schools nationwide. 

The Guardian Table