Raise Red Event

How Philanthropy Brought Dancing and Tech Together 

Dance marathons are lighting up college campuses all across the country – by getting energetic, passionate students to be ambassadors for philanthropic efforts, these events raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The University of Louisville hosts their own nationally recognized campaign called raiseRED, which fights to end pediatric cancer and blood disease. Ran completely by students, the work is year-round, culminating into an 18-hour dance marathon in the spring semester.

Everything from the logistics to the fundraising to the sponsorship rests on the backs of the hardworking students. Finding supporting partners, as with any event, can be a challenge. Relationship-building and professionalism are very important when finding financial support, and the sponsorship coordinators at raiseRED excel in these areas. Finding a mobile charging station for dancers to use during the event was proving to be a challenge. Having a charged device is essential for documenting the event, providing updates to friends, family, and supporters, and even asking publicly for last-minute donations to the cause. How were they going to make sure that students were staying engaged and connected for 18 hours? 

Mobile Initiative was able to fill that void by offering up a mobile charging station –  a stand capable of charging multiple devices at once, making it a perfect fit for this event. The sponsorship coordinators were able to incentivize fundraising above and beyond the standard goal by including the mobile charging station in a “VIP” area for top fundraisers. 

Having both many U of L alums as well as a passion for local philanthropic efforts, it was a no-brainer that MI would contribute to raiseRED. But to what extent? The sponsorship team was very grateful for the support, but with personal and now professional connections with the university and the dance marathon, the tech company decided to do more. After some discussion and planning with both the sponsorship and social media teams, MI came up with a social media competition, adding another layer to the tech-related support they were providing at the event. The purpose of this competition was to generate excitement around the event, encourage dancers to share their personal stories and experiences, and ultimately, raise money for the cause. 

At a $5 donation per entry and a $225 donation to one randomly-selected winner, Mobile Initiative donated $1,000 to raiseRED, helping to bring their total amount fundraised for 2019 to $682,483.71.

This is a new record for raiseRED and a huge win for research and support for pediatric cancer and blood disease in Louisville-area children. While every dollar counts in instances like these, this year’s total was an impressive feat for all of the dedicated, hard-working students that made it possible. The organization will be setting their sights even higher for 2020 and will hit the ground running for next year’s event before this semester is completed. 

To learn more about raiseRED, including donating or becoming a supporting partner, visit https://raisered.org/ 

This post was written by Taylor Gholson, Director of Marketing for Mobile Initiative.