Mobile Initiative Launches New Rugged Smartphone, The Valor

At Mobile Initiative, we’re always looking for gaps in the marketplace. After customers and partners frequently asked us to provide rugged smartphones, we became increasingly frustrated that there weren’t many options available – we found the problem but needed a solution.

With this, we decided to launch the Valor – Our first rugged Android smartphone, and one of the most unique and user-friendly rugged devices on the market. The Valor is a sleek and agile device that carries the same IP68 and MILSPEC810 rating as its brick-shaped competitors – at a fraction of the cost and the size. With 3GB of ram, a specialized MTK processor, and the latest operating system, Android 8.1, the Valor operates like a consumer grade product should, while also delivering enterprise level toughness. Additionally, the Valor has no added bloatware, a dual SIM slot, a 13 MP camera, and fingerprint sensor.

This device truly encompasses both rugged and smart qualities in its components. Mobile Initiative is thrilled to be providing phones to users who are looking for a strong and durable phone that is basically indestructible without compromising an innovative and modern design.

The Valor launches Monday, March 11th, 2019. Are you interested in learning more about The Valor and Mobile Initiative updates? Subscribe HERE. For B2B inquires, email

This post was written by Sam Pierce, VP of Sales.