The 10 Apps You Need to Survive Forecastle 2019

When July rolls around, people in Louisville start preparing for the second greatest event in the city behind the Kentucky Derby: Forecastle Festival. This weekend-long musical festival features the who’s who in the music industry while also showcasing local talent (check out the lineup here). From July 12th – 14th, downtown Louisville is crawling with excited teens, Louisville natives, and avid festival goers.


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Louisville is a budding urban city full of culture, art, and cuisine that is a day’s drive from half of the country’s population. As Forecastle fans flock to the area from all over for a stacked weekend long summer music lineup, it can be overwhelming for those attendees not familiar with it. If you’re one of those attendees – whether you’re coming in from out of town, or simply have NO idea how to navigate such a big event – Mobile Initiative is here to show you 10 apps to have on your phone to survive Forecastle Festival 2019 weekend (all Android compatible AND all free, of course!).  Don’t forget – cell phone service may be spotty at the Waterfront, so be sure to download all these apps before you go!

1. Forecastle Festival App: 

All you need to know about Forecastle is conveniently organized into one app – the Forecastle Festival App! Want to know which band is up next? Go to the “Lineup + Schedule” section. Hungry? Check out the “Food & Retail” section. Want advice on where to stay for the weekend? The “Where to Stay” section shows you rates and locations for hotels close by! Anything specific to Forecastle is right here in one app.


2. Go 502

Downtown Louisville can be a difficult place to navigate and find a space to park in. If you’re having trouble and need to park at a meter (and aren’t one to carry boatloads of change to cover 3 days of meter fees), download the Go 502 app. All you need to do is put in your card info, locate the area number and specific meter number, select the time frame you want it for, and you’re off to enjoy the music!


3. Lyft AND Uber:

If parking downtown is too daunting, another option is to use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft (whatever your preference). That way you don’t have to worry about navigating traffic or dealing with a parking spot on your own. Also, it provides a responsible option for getting home, should you choose to enjoy a drink or two at the festival, because safety is KEY.


4. Venmo:

Maybe you don’t want to carry around money and cards on you for fear that you will either lose them or have them stolen. If you’re with a group of friends, you can take turns bringing cards and paying for each other and then just Venmo them back to transfer the funds in real time!


5. Life360

DO. NOT. BE. ALONE. Use the time old “buddy system.” If someone does happen to get lost in the crowd, it will help to have a backup plan: location sharing. If you share your location with your friends, it will be much easier to locate one another if you get separated. Life360 should definitely be on your phone before you head to the Waterfront!


6. Weather App: 

Research the forecast on the Weather app so you don’t get caught in the rain and wash all your glitter off! By using one of the many options for weather apps, you can always be prepared for what the day will bring. Make sure to check on the forecast each day of the festival, as Louisville weather has a mind of it’s own!


7. First Aid – American Red Cross:

In environments like music festivals, it can be very overwhelming. All day intense heat, little water, and large crowds can often lead to accidents happening. On the chance that you happen upon someone going through trouble and they may need medical attention, call for emergency personnel or check the First Aid – American Red Cross app.


8. Airbnb

Coming from out of town and need a place to crash? Be sure to plan ahead! Download the Airbnb app to find unique, local places to stay for the weekend (without worrying about crazy hotel prices and fees).


9. Waterlogged

In the intense heat of July, it can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the music festival and forget to STAY HYDRATED! You don’t want to end up getting dehydrated and having to leave and miss all your favorite bands. This app gives you helpful reminders to drink water to make sure you are safe and ready to rock out to the music. Download it here!


10. Shazam

At music festivals, it’s common to hear music and acts that you’ve never heard before. What do you do when hear a song you love and don’t know the title of it or who is singing it? There are a few ways to solve this problem:

  1. Download Shazam and it will listen to the song and conjure up the song title, artist, and even the album cover photo.
  2. Go to Snapchat and click the screen and hold (not taking a picture or video) and it will pop up with music notes. Keep holding down and then the same information as Shazam will come up!


When making your way to the Bluegrass state for the Forecastle Festival, be sure to check out all these apps to be sure you’re prepared for the best music festival of the summer!

All of these apps are available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store and are compatible with Mobile Initiative’s Valor Smartphone – get it today on Amazon with free 2-day shipping!

This post was written by Leah Thompson, Marketing Intern at Mobile Initiative.