6 Apps to Make Holiday Travel a Breeze

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, life tends to become hectic. Traveling can be an added stress for anyone with a busy schedule. When life gets crazy, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are a regular traveler or travel on occasion, it is to your advantage to download travel apps that can save you time. Traveling can be a pain sometimes, but with a smartphone you can forget about the hassle and enjoy your trip.

Travel applications can help Android users in a number of different ways, which include organizing travel, booking accommodations, finding destination information, creating itineraries and more. I researched and selected applications that will help make your next trip go as planned. Check them out below and drop any suggestions you have in the comments!


For the Frequent Flyers


Plane ticket prices constantly fluctuate – figuring out when to buy your ticket can be tricky. Hopper was designed to help users predict the best time to buy a plane ticket. The ultimate goal is to save travelers money by finding the best ticket price. The price predictor feature on this app allows you to input your home city and the destination you wish fly to. A colored calendar will display the prices from cheapest to most expensive fare. Hopper will send alerts and notify travelers if a ticket price changes, so they know when to purchase.


This application can act like your personal flying assistant. It will update you on your flight in real time. App in The Air works offline and can update travelers on gate changes. Some other features include airport map navigation, automatic check-in, and time management at the airport (checking, boarding, take-off, and landing time).


For the Continental Breakfast Devotees


This application is great for finding the best deals on hotels for anyone’s budget. You can compare the best hotel prices and read reviews. It’s easy to use and the perfect app to book a hotel on the go.


For the Peace of Mind Seekers


This application practically packs your suitcase for you. It’s simple to use – all you do is plug in your destination, the number of days/nights you’re staying, and your departure date. After this, PackPoint will create a list of what you need to pack in your luggage. It will generate a check list and allow travelers to share it with friends and family.


TripIt can quickly create an itinerary and organize your travel plans in one place. No matter where you book a flight, TripIt can organize your plans so you don’t have to. You simply forward any confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. This planning app will notify you about any changes to your schedule.


For the Road Trip Enthusiasts


GasBuddy helps drivers locate the best gas stations nearby. The ultimate goal of this application is to help drivers save money on gas. GasBuddy will alert travelers if there is an expected gas increase, so you know when to fill up before the price rises.


Proper planning will allow you to enjoy your travel experience and eliminate any added stress. These travel apps can help ensure your next trip runs smoothly, so you can focus on the more important reasons for the season. All of these applications are available at the Google Play store and are compatible with the Valor rugged smartphone.


This post was written by Rachel DeSantes, Marketing Intern at Mobile Initiative.