Durable and Practical: How the Valor Helped Increase Parking Revenue

When you think rugged smartphone, what comes to mind? Convenient parking probably isn’t your first thought. (Or second, or third.) But that’s just what our Valor provided for the Dixie Classic Fair last month.


The Dixie Classic Fair is North Carolina’s second largest state fair held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina every year in October. The fair had an unused parking lot that was in a prime location for VIP parking; however, the lot was used late at night to run the firework show, and they had no way of letting people know that they needed to move their cars by a certain time. 


FanPark, an app that allows users to reserve spots in advance, was able to solve this problem. They partnered with Mobile Resource Partners, or MRP, and Mobile Initiative to provide a one-box solution that came with the Valor smartphone, the FanPark app pre-downloaded, and T-Mobile Service ready to go.


“Having a rugged product like the Valor made for absolute peace of mind when handing it over to our customers as part of FanPark’s VIP parking solution,” said Logan Harvey, the Founder of FanPark. “The Valor devices worked flawlessly and it was extremely important they could handle some abuse, which they weathered easily and allowed our FanPark software to run smoothly and efficiently to make the event a huge success.” 


The Dixie Classic was able to make an extra $2,691, increasing their parking revenue by 56%.


How else can the Valor rugged smartphone help businesses? The sky is the limit. Contact the team at Mobile Initiative today to learn how we can tailor our solutions to individual needs.


You can download the FanPark app on the App Store or Google Play.


This post was written by Wesley Ware, Public Relations Manager at Mobile Initiative.