5 Must-Have Holiday Shopping Apps and Websites

The holiday season is upon us again, and if you’re anything like me, saving both time and money is a must. Holiday shopping, decorating, and party preparation can add tons of stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed. We all want to enjoy peaceful, fun times with our loved ones and make the most out of this time of year.

To help ease some of the headache of finding perfect gifts at perfect prices, I put together a list of the most helpful shopping apps and websites to make your holiday season more enjoyable. Pull out your smartphone and navigate the hustle and bustle with ease using these resources for coupons, price comparisons, and discounts.




Are you tired of flipping through paper ads, selecting the perfect coupons, and carefully cutting all of them out, only to realize you forgot them at home while you’re in the checkout line? If so, you should grab your smartphone and download this app. This is the perfect application to search for the best Black Friday deals. Flipp consolidates weekly ad promotions and coupons from all of the local stores in your area and digitizes them. This apps enhances your ability to find the best deals virtually – and it’s all done right from your phone.


Rakuten Ebates

If you are looking to save money while shopping at your favorite stores, you will love this app. You can earn up to 40% cash back with this application! Shopping smart is now easier than ever. Rakuten will get a commission from referring you to your favorite retail stores and shares it with you. Once you place an order or make a purchase, a percentage will go into your Rakuten account. In simple terms, you save money on things you were already going to buy.



Honey is perfect for anyone who experiences buyer’s remorse. I personally second guess myself and continue to check around on other websites before I make a purchase, which can be very time consuming. But after downloading Honey, my game has changed. Honey is a web browser extension and can be downloaded as an application, which takes the work out of searching for online coupons or discounts. Before you complete an online purchase, Honey automatically searches for the best discounts and applies them at checkout. Honey will check to see that you aren’t forgetting to apply a coupon, and will put your mind at ease. Enjoy holiday discounts without the hassle!


Pro tip: Using our Valor rugged smartphone is a smart move during holiday shopping! Ever drop your phone, or even have it knocked out of your hand, in the middle of the store? Bet you wish you had something drop resistant, huh? With an IP-68 rating, you can breathe easier knowing that your Valor screen is less likely to shatter than other devices. Pick it back up and get back to the deals!



Most of us have used (or at the very least heard of) Amazon. I’m not going to lie – it’s fantastic. Amazon will deliver anything you need to make your holiday special – Christmas lights, sweaters, games, toys, jewelry and more. It is one of the largest online shopping websites in the world. You can pay a subscription each month to get Amazon Prime, which includes free 2-day shipping, streaming music, videos and more. Smile.Amazon.com takes this online shopping website to the next level. It will donate 5% of your purchase to an organization of your choice. Who wouldn’t want to send some love this holiday season and put a smile on someone else’s face? Mobile Initiative certainly wouldn’t want you to miss this opportunity to give back.



Shopsavvy is one of the best price comparison apps. This application allows you to scan items in store to find the lowest/best price for any product. Forget having to visit tons of websites to compare pricing on your favorite gift items. You will never miss out on a deal when you use Shopsavvy! This will definitely come in handy on Black Friday – so if you prefer not to miss out on all the holiday deals, you should download this app.


All of these applications and websites are guaranteed to make your holiday shopping more manageable, and can be downloaded at the GooglePlay store. Don’t forget to check out the Valor smartphone – Black Friday is right around the corner! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to buy a special someone the perfect gift. Now get to shopping!


This post was written by Rachel DeSantes, Marketing Intern at Mobile Initiative.