The Best Tech Gifts for Every Age

The holiday season is approaching quickly and lots of us are working on knocking out our shopping lists. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift to express how thankful we are for someone. Even though we all know the meaning of this season has little to do with shopping and gifts, I’m sure most of us want to score major points this holiday season and buy our friends and family something they will love. I definitely want to!

Do you have someone to shop for this holiday season that is into technology? From the latest smartphones to wearables to home devices, there are so many options! And the same gift you get for your 10 year old nephew might not be appropriate for your 60 year old uncle. So where do you begin finding the perfect gift?

For those of you who are struggling to finish up your Christmas shopping for this reason, I put together a list of the best tech gifts on the market – I hope they give you some inspiration! (I also split the gifts up according to age range to help make sure you have an option for nearly everyone on your list.) Enjoy!


Age 8-12


Fire HD 8 is a Kid’s Edition tablet, and it’s the perfect gift for families with younger children. This kid-proof tablet is covered in a foam that protects the tablets against drops or bumps. It comes with a 2-year warranty – which will replace the tablet if ever damaged. Amazon also includes 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited with your purchase. This gives your children access to over 20,000 apps, shows, games, and movies as well as educational content. Fire HD 8 gives parents the control over the content their children view on this tablet. Parental control can limit your child’s screen time while managing the content viewed.


Age- 13-17


JBL Link 20 is a wireless speaker with excellent sound. The speaker includes Google Assistant, which means you can ask questions and tell the speaker to do things. This portable speaker is waterproof, so you never have to worry about water damage. The battery life of this speaker offers up to 10 hours of audio sound. It is the perfect speaker for any environment (beach, pool, sporting events, home and more).


Age 18-25


These wireless earbuds are perfect for all the multitaskers out there. AirPods are perfect for on the go, working out, walking to class, long car rides, flights, work, and so much more. I personally have a pair and they have exceeded my expectations. They fit perfectly in my ear, cancel out noise, and never fall out. AirPods have automatic ear detection, and a built-in microphone so you can take calls on the go. The price ranges from $159-$249, depending on the generation of AirPods purchased. For those of you who don’t know: Apple AirPods are actually compatible with Android smartphones!


Age 26-39


The Valor is the ultimate rugged smartphone at an affordable price. This device is water resistant, drop resistant, dustproof, and shock proof. It was built to last and endure. This smartphone is unlocked, with the capability to run two SIM cards simultaneously. It runs on the Android operating system and includes a fingerprint sensor – so unlocking your phone is made easy. The Valor was built for unexpected accidents, so it can withstand all elements, making it a perfect device for people who work or play outdoors!


Age 40-50


Echo Show 8 from Amazon is a popular device on the market this holiday season. This HD 8-inch screen shows vivid images and connects with Alexa to make life easier. Some of the popular features this smart devices offers are voice commands to set alarms, reminders, and updates on weather, traffic, showtimes and the score of a game. Echo can send messages, video call and control smart home functions – these are just a few of the many perks offered by Echo Show 8. This is the perfect way to turn your living space into a smart home. Echo Show 8 can be purchased on Amazon for around $129.99.


Age 60+


Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift for those who love to read. The lightweight kindle allows users to read comfortably, and also offers the ability to effortlessly switch back and forth between reading and listening to books. This e-reader is waterproof, making it great for those who like to read in the bathtub or by the pool. Some other features include adjustable lights (for inside and outside), battery life lasting up to a week, 6’’ glare free screen, and the option of 8 or 32 GB storage.


Hopefully this guide was helpful in your mission to cross all of the names off of your holiday shopping list. The techie in your life is sure to love one of these! Now, it’s time to shop!


This post was written by Rachel DeSantes, Marketing Intern at Mobile Initiative.