5 Apps That Make Holiday Cooking Easier

The holiday season is in full swing, and for lots of people, this includes entertaining others. Most of our celebrations are centered around the meal we share with friends and family, which is one of my favorite parts of the holidays!

With that being said, this time of year tends to be very busy, and sometimes it’s hard to plan, prepare, and cook an entire holiday meal with the limited time available. In addition to all of the hustle and bustle with decorating, shopping, and traveling, there is also hustle and bustle happening in our own kitchens! Messes are made, important items are misplaced, food is burned – all kinds of crazy things can happen when you’re juggling lots of cooking all at once.

Maybe this year it’s time to ditch the traditional route and use the resources you have readily available to you – your smartphone is a goldmine for finding tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make hosting a meal much easier!

I put together some hosting tips and helpful apps to help you keep your sanity and breathe easier as you come together with family and friends this holiday season.


Pro Hosting Tips:

  1. Plan your meal one week in advance: Make a grocery list of all the ingredients, plan out how many people you are serving, and look for serving dishes and decorations.


  1. Prepare food ahead of time: Try and prep as much food as you can the day before the meal. For example, chopping and peeling vegetables and fruit will save you time the day of.


  1. Set the table the night before: Now you have one less thing to worry about before your company arrives!


Helpful Apps:


I think at some point in our lives we’ve gone to the grocery store and left without the items we needed. That’s one of the most irritating things, especially if you made the trip specifically for those items! When it comes to making a grocery shopping list, AnyList has you covered. You can copy and paste recipes into the app and create a shopping list with all of the required ingredients. You’re also able to share the shopping list with friends and family – so now you’ll never have to hand write a list and hope whoever you send to the store doesn’t forget it.



Pinterest is the perfect application to help you prepare for the holiday cooking season, while also constantly giving you food inspiration. Pinterest allows you to search for your favorite food recipes and discover new ones. You can create boards or categories (kind of like a file folder) to organize recipes. When you find a recipe you like, you can pin or “save it” to the appropriate board for later reference. This app is user-friendly and allows you to visually organize your holiday meals, drink, and decoration ideas.



Tasty is one of the best applications for those of you who are visual learners. Tasty provides short videos with step-by-step instructions for making recipes. It’s incredibly helpful if you are making a recipe for the first time or if you’re new to cooking in general.



If you’re not an expert in wine and food pairing, this is the perfect application for you. With Vivino, you can scan wine and instantly get pricing, customer reviews, and food pairing recommendations. Once you find the perfect wine, you can easily make your purchase and have it shipped to your door. Vivino can also create a customized taste profile based off your wine scanning and reviews.



Yummly is an application and a desktop website. It has over a million different recipes to search and choose from. While using Yummly you can filter out recipes depending on allergy or dietary restrictions. Once you begin making searches, Yummly will recommend recipes based off previous searches. While searching for recipes you can save the ones you like in your YUMS section. You can also create a grocery shopping list based off the ingredients required for the recipes.  This will ensure you never leave the grocery store without all the proper ingredients.


I hope you all find these tips and applications to be helpful during this busy time of year. You can download all of these applications on your Valor smartphone from the Google Play Store.

With all that being said, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to cooking!


This post was written by Rachel DeSantes, Marketing Intern at Mobile Initiative.