Mobile Guardian Solution

Unique and dynamic communication tool with first responder experience that alerts school staff and law enforcement real-time through dedicated SOS button and 911 dispatch integration.

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Mobile Guardian Solution
Mobile Guardian Solution

Solution Overview

The Mobile Guardian Solution is an end-to-end emergency communication that streamlines communication internally and externally, and is one of only two third party solutions that integrated directly with 911 dispatch. The Guardian includes a phone deployed to faculty and staff, a tablet to provide oversight to administrators, and immediate 911 integration and alerts for emergency responders. Timely and broadly communicated information can help schools and law enforcement respond more quickly and appropriately to any emergency.


Extensive and successful track record working with first responders (Police, Fire, Department of Defense and FBI).

In a recent survey of parents, community members, and faculty/staff:

  • 40.1% of respondents scored their school’s safety and security efforts a 5 or below*
  • 33.4% of respondents scored their school’s ability to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively a 5 or below*
  • 33.3% of respondents were unaware of their school’s current efforts to promote safety and security
  • 86.7% of respondents think that their school would benefit, in terms of safety and security, from a more efficient communication system
  • 100% of respondents scored their likelihood to support THE GUARDIAN being implemented in their school at a 7 or above*

*On a scale of 1-10, 1 being lowest and 10 being highest.

Tailored to Your Industry

Mobile Guardian Solution is a customizable solution that can be tailored with other industries that have a need for preventative and intelligent response; banks, large corporate campuses, military etc. Contact us to learn how we can help you incorporate this solution today.


View our full presentation of the Guardian solution here.
View a one sheet overview of the Guardian process here.
View a chart of the Guardian process here.

Product Overview

Android 7.0
4G LTE with 3G fallback
IP-68 Rated
Drop proof
Dust proof
Shock resistant
5.2” Multi-Touch screen
Dedicated SOS button for instant communication
Dual Sim for redundant network coverage to prevent loss of service
High mAh battery for longer battery life
Google native- no bloatware to slow down the device, making the product operate quicker and more efficiently

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